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“… I thought it was fantastic. Simple, easy to follow, yet informational.”

VP of Finance

“This tool will be a tremendous help in bridging any gaps to allow our teams (Finance & Sales) to work as one! Thank you!!”

Manager, Credit and Collection

“I looked at it this afternoon and honestly, I learned quite a bit. I think it’s all very impressive…”


“My general reaction is “Bravo!”  I like the look and feel, and I think that it’s easy to understand.  …  It might be the clearest teaching of SAM that I’ve seen, it’s easy to follow and it’s consistent.  I got a 100 on the test.  Not that I’m bragging or anything…”

VP, Media

“The FTTS modules look great! Good job.  I thought they were easy to understand and I liked the quizzes that followed. I will use FTTS when I onboard a new AE. Thanks for your efforts on this.”

Local Sales Manager